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As an electronics service provider (EMS) we are your competent partner in all areas of manufacturing electronic components.

With almost 50 years of experience, all process steps from the strategic procurement, the management and the warehousing of the material to the assembly using state-of-the-art machines or even by hand to carrying out complex test procedures and assembling complete assemblies are carried out professionally and safely.

The centrepieces of the Matulka electronic GmbH are the technically highly qualified employees, who provide top performances day by day with maximum commitment and high flexibility. With high service quality and customer orientation, they are the solid basis for long-term access.

Our customers

The wide range of customers comes from all sectors in which electronic assemblies are used. These include companies from the communications and entertainment industries, the medical or laboratory technology and specialist areas, which are dealing with electronic language processing or the sensitive field of safety technology, as well as customers from the automotive sector.

In any case, Matulka electronic develops individual solutions, that integrate all parameters and convince them equally in terms of production technology and economy. In cooperation with our university partners, novel methods are being developed that are pioneering in terms of efficiency and functionality.

Our location

Nördlingen is the formerly free imperial city on the "Romantic Road". Nördlingens`s medieval city center is probably unique in the whole world. The all around walkable city wall, the church tower "Daniel" and the medieval cityscape, valuable works of art and interesting museums will leave a lasting impression on you.

Nördlingen - The most Beautiful Corners are round
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