Matulka Electronic GmbH


In several areas we engage ourselves through financial support or aids. Here is a brief overview of our social competences. 

Foundation "Help in Need" in Nördlingen

For several years now, we have waived Christmas presents for our customers and are instead donating to the foundation "Help in Need" in Nördlingen. This organisation provides unbureaucratic and quick assistance to citizens, who are suddenly in need. The support services range from subsidies for replacement of an urgently needed washing machine to assistance in the express of medical aids or partial assumptionof travel costs in cases of serious illness or even death.

Picture: Rudi Scherer, City Nördingen

Matulka electronic - we are social for Nördlingen

Sport in Nördlingen

Sport has been practiced at the highest level in Nördlingen for decades. As a resident company it is a matter for us to financially ensure the continuity of great services. Since the season in 2019/2020 we support the basketball players of the xcyde-Angels (1st federal league). In addition we have been sponsoring the bavarian league footballers of TSV Nördlingen for several years.

Matulka electronic - we are sporty for Nördlingen

Dual study and scientific aspects

We are not only connected to the Technology Centre Westbayern (TCW) by ist proximity, but also by various common scientific projects.

With the DHBW we have found the ideal partner to offer dual study courses in the fields of a Bachelor degree in economics "Business Administration-Transport and Logistics" and IT/Computer science "Information Technology".        In recent years, we also congratulated several graduates from our own ranks on their success and offered them a further professional perspective in our company.

The Augsburg university is our collaboration partner in course of "Systems Engineering".

Matulka electronic - we are scientifically for Nördlingen