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Currently we are searching for employees (m/f/d) in the following areas:

Employee Work Preparation

Employee Work Preparation

We offer you...

We train in the following professions:

Warehouse Operator

As a trained warehouse specialist, you take on all activities within the scope of goods handling and goods storage.

Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems Field

The focus of the training is the learning of the manufacture of equipment and components as well as their commissioning and maintenance. 

Industrial Management Assistant

Trained industrial management assistants support with their know-how all business processes from the customer inquiry to the requirement-oriented dispatch of the finished products.

Working environment

The Matulka electronic GmbH offers young dedicated junior employees the chance of a first-class and top-quality training at a high Level.

Not only the acquisition of commercial and technical skills is in the foreground, but also the imparting of important values like service quality and customer orientation. At Matulka you can expect a friendly and familiar atmosphere, in which you can develop yourself and feel comfortable.

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